Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I'm working on something so bear with me. I'll be back with a post soon, I promise.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program

To bring you this shitty news.

I've been shut down folks. I know. It bites. It blows, no it sucks a big fierce you know what!

So, as you know I work a full time job and I blog. I do one from the other. You guess which. And while I'm hugely successful at my job, others are not. I do what work needs to be done, I do it well and then I use my free time to get on the Internet and see what is has to offer. I tool around, connecting, if you will, to the outside world. Connecting to other people's entertaining lives, to my email, and to my pictures. I do NOT browse porn, I do not look up how to make pipe bombs, I do not circulate annoying ass emails with animals flipping you off and insisting you must forward this to 18,000 of your email friends.

Apparently, this does not matter to corporate America. Apparently, I do not matter. (Ok, well, yes I did already know THAT, but I'm whining so work with me here)

Oh the horror! The tragedy! More important: the fuckbags who had to go and ruin it for us all, I spit in your face. May you, the slackers, die and slow and painful death staring at your monitor all day and actually DOING your JOB!

Yes: my Internet access at work has been removed.

Just as November is starting, it has quickly ended for NaBloPoMo. Why, you ask don't I just blog from home. Well simply put, I have stuff to do here man! You know! Dishes, dinner, bath time, nookie, etc. Work, man, that's where you like do the work stuff at man. (Um, ps, remember that blog where I told how my hair grows three centimetres every time I'm online here because that's how long it takes. Seriously. Have you seen my luscious mane? It's from uploading pictures!)

So, while I will continue to spend my time at work productively I have decided, no vowed, to do it bitterly and stubbornly until they bring back the web. I have no doubt that I will be bringing m,y library book with me tomorrow so that I have something to do. You know: besides work.