Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Man, it's lazy hot out there!

I'm so brilliant it hurts. No. Really.
I remember suddenly yesterday that this coming Sunday is Hubby's birthday. Not that I have to run out and buy a present or anything. He is taking himself fishing all weekend for that.
So fast-forward to the drive home. In 90 degree heat. With no air conditioner in the car and no AC to look forward to at home. The prospect was miserable. I was not looking forward to cooking dinner. Then my most brilliant thought hit me. I could take Hubby out to dinner for his birthday - and I could do it Tonight. Yes, brilliant. lets go get some food cooked by someone who isn't me in an air conditioned restaurant. Brilliant, right? And sneaky too, I like it. So I go home and feed the baby and Hubby gets home an hour later. I pop the question. He. of course, picks a most expensive seafood restaurant. I say "ok, I meant almost anywhere you pick" and this takes him 20 minutes to think about while he watches Sports Center. Meanwhile my stomach growls at him to off the couch and decide on the way. He listens. We decide to try a new Italian restaurant we haven't ever been too. By the time we get there it is already the baby's nap time but she doing good, chewing on some free tide-you-over bread. Good baby. I order a beer and I think 'man, it's getting warm in here. I should have maybe not gotten alcohol'. By the time our food arrived I was sweating just by sitting still. Add to that my big hot steaming bowl of lasagna (yes, bowl) and you have one hot mama. The waitress confirms that the AC is broke. I mumble to Hubby that maybe this was a not too, too great idea. He concurs. We attempt to get boxes and pay the bill only to wait, wait, wait for our waitress while we sweat, sweat, sweat. By this time the baby is like 'why are we still sitting here and why did we leave te house to sweat to death?' Good question baby. Finally it is time revel in the car in the AC on the drive home. When we get home we leave baby sleeping and I take a cold, very nice cold shower. Soon after my gut and said lasagna start a heated debate (pun intended). Lasagna says "ha ha bitch, you were foolish to eat me on a 90 degree day weren't you?" and Stomach says "yes she was, please don't take it out on me" and Lasagna says "I have NO mercy, you both must suffer, muhhhhhawwwww".

I should have known better than to deceive in the name of heat for dinners sake.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Mu is for Mama

Me: Well, it's about time you posted!
Other Me: Yeah, I know. But we both know what a procrastinator, I mean busy person, I am.


Why do babies have to crawl? Honestly, I'm fine with carrying her until she's like 2 and can understand the words that are coming out of my mouth! But for now...she's got the bug...the crawling bug.
It's fun to watch her do new shit every single day. Honestly, like every day she does one new thing and I'm like 'wow, check her out'. But MAN she has got no patience. When she wants it, she goes for it and when something is in her way or I won't let her have it well them damn you all to hell and now look what you've gone and done. You've forced me to scream at you and so there, take that! I think we are in the throes of baby temper tantrums. For instance, last night I was doing laundry and so she had to play on the bedroom floor. She has toys there. I don't just leave her to chew on dog hair on used dryer sheets, but that's what she WANTS to play with. Why? Why baby girl does a piece of lint amaze you yet your toys are invisible? And like every other minute she would be crabby with me [side note: this may be teeth. Then again, I've been the little boy who called "teeth" for a month now and every day I check her top gums for those pearly whites and nothing. I also ran out of teething tablets so that may have something to do with my paranoia also] so anyway, when she got bored or mad or whatever made her whine she would crawl over to my leg and cry "mu. mu" and I would distract with a whatever-I-could find so I could get back to laundry cause who can hold a baby and fold clothes at the time? Yes, I know I could wear her, but people, we don't have air conditioner and that kid is nothing more than a portable heater!
ps - she hasn't officially said any words yet but I take the "mu's" as her version of "hey you! with the booby! pick me up Mom"

So, as we are too poor to officially baby-proof the house I just follow her around pulling her away from dog food and oh yeah, the live walking centipede she tried to grab yesterday morning. Fun. Let my exercise plan begin!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Got milk baby cow?

Okay, so I've been milk free for 3 months now. Mostly because of all the reading I did which says "milk is bad for you". It's being blamed for all kinds of stuff now. I blame it for me being so gassy. And the baby too. I never want cows milk to be a part of her diet. Yuck, from Mom's milk to milk from a bovine creature sounds nasty. I thought when I stopped drinking it her cradle cap would go away, but it did not. Now that may be because I am not "dairy free". I still eat cheese and butter and ice cream. (ahem, see last post about being from the dairy state).

Milk free is very hard for me. It's hard when Hubby sits down with a bowl of cereal, it's hard when I buy milk for him and I take it home and all I want to do is break that plastic seal and take a swig of that nice cold new milk. It's hard and it sucks but I survive. I do not substitute with soy milk or any other milk like substance with 'milk' in it's title. I torture myself because it's nice to have convictions and self restrain. This is what I tell myself when I will not let myself pick up that jug and gulp.

So........ when I read about raw milk, I got excited. Then when I heard more about it (like how yummy and rich it tastes) I got really excited. I was considering going back to Milk. I went back to reading about raw milk and I even found dairy that sells it in my state. It's about an hour and half away but I had visions of a field trip in my head. And again, I was excited. I found said dairy's web site and began reading. Grass fed cows; wonderful. Fresh milk from the cow; wonder...What? It's starting to sound not so good to me. I envision little baby cows sucking at mommy's teat and then thinking, "how do all the cows keep up their milk supply up if they are being milked and feeding babies". Hm. then myself said to me, "now, you are about to get milk Darcy, put those thought out of your head and focus". It's a $10 membership to the dairy to buy milk there (legal reasons, state law, etc) Oh wait, the dairy has a blog. I love blogs, lets read it.

And this is why I will never go back to Milk again. THIS made me cry at my desk. THIS made me sad, very deeply sad down to the core of mommy me. I don't care that they are just cows. I don't care that hubby will not understand when I tell him why this made me mad, I don't care about anything anymore except those poor, poor baby cows. Sorry, but this is just the way my compassion works. It is so strong and so deep that it consumes me. I hate milk.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Shoot me, in the head, TGIF

Ugh, Friday already. That didn't take long enough to get here. For being a short week it sure was a long one. So now I sit at work, at my desk, work completed for the day and I can see out the window and I wanna be there.................outside, where it's NOT work and it's not work; oooops said that already. But on the other hand I don't want to be home either. Where the dishes and a bazillion other chores await me and hubby has planned to have people over and has just told me. "God bless it" (that's how my cusses when she's instantly upset, like a jackass in traffic or hitting your thumb with a hammer or such) and God bless him, he's lucky I have to sit here and fester about it. Or do I mean sit here and cool down. Hmf. So anyway. I get to go pick the kid up, do the dishes, generally tidy up the dump and then meet new people + new people's kids and entertain and act social with only wine to drink. Ick. I'll take a beer please waiter. Oh yeah, and I did I mention we're so broke we can't even afford beer. Beer people! We live in Wisconsin. The shit should flow freely from our tap where I can turn on the tub and bathe in beer if I want to dammit because it's beer and they serve it at church picnics up here and because I said so and because I have beer on the brain. No beer = crabby mommy. Shoot, do I sound alcoholish now. Hey! Speaking of beer...has anyone tried this new one by Lienenkugel yet? Ok, now I'm just 8 shades of pissed off because due to the fact that I am at aforementioned work I cannot link to said beer website. Not like it matters Leinie's is pretty area specific. You probably haven't drank it unless you are in Wisconsin but anyway, it is their new Summer Shanty flavor and it's light and lemoneady and delic! And now I want one even more:(
Well, so the weekend plans are to sit home and watch it rain and whine about it. My plans before that were to go to the Cheese Festival parade. yes, keep laughing. Have I mention yet that I am in Wisconsin and we if there's one thing we have, it's cheese. And so with all that cheese you must have a festival celebrating it and with that a parade. Until the weather man crapped all over that.
Other than that I'm thinking about checking out Unitarian Universalist church in town. Any other UU's out there? I've never been but I checked out their website today and brain dead as I am I didn't get much out it. I really hope they have a 'nursing room' like my regular church does or those UU's are gonna see some hoo-ha's with a baby on them. And hey if they are cool with that then I might just come again!
- d