Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Man, it's lazy hot out there!

I'm so brilliant it hurts. No. Really.
I remember suddenly yesterday that this coming Sunday is Hubby's birthday. Not that I have to run out and buy a present or anything. He is taking himself fishing all weekend for that.
So fast-forward to the drive home. In 90 degree heat. With no air conditioner in the car and no AC to look forward to at home. The prospect was miserable. I was not looking forward to cooking dinner. Then my most brilliant thought hit me. I could take Hubby out to dinner for his birthday - and I could do it Tonight. Yes, brilliant. lets go get some food cooked by someone who isn't me in an air conditioned restaurant. Brilliant, right? And sneaky too, I like it. So I go home and feed the baby and Hubby gets home an hour later. I pop the question. He. of course, picks a most expensive seafood restaurant. I say "ok, I meant almost anywhere you pick" and this takes him 20 minutes to think about while he watches Sports Center. Meanwhile my stomach growls at him to off the couch and decide on the way. He listens. We decide to try a new Italian restaurant we haven't ever been too. By the time we get there it is already the baby's nap time but she doing good, chewing on some free tide-you-over bread. Good baby. I order a beer and I think 'man, it's getting warm in here. I should have maybe not gotten alcohol'. By the time our food arrived I was sweating just by sitting still. Add to that my big hot steaming bowl of lasagna (yes, bowl) and you have one hot mama. The waitress confirms that the AC is broke. I mumble to Hubby that maybe this was a not too, too great idea. He concurs. We attempt to get boxes and pay the bill only to wait, wait, wait for our waitress while we sweat, sweat, sweat. By this time the baby is like 'why are we still sitting here and why did we leave te house to sweat to death?' Good question baby. Finally it is time revel in the car in the AC on the drive home. When we get home we leave baby sleeping and I take a cold, very nice cold shower. Soon after my gut and said lasagna start a heated debate (pun intended). Lasagna says "ha ha bitch, you were foolish to eat me on a 90 degree day weren't you?" and Stomach says "yes she was, please don't take it out on me" and Lasagna says "I have NO mercy, you both must suffer, muhhhhhawwwww".

I should have known better than to deceive in the name of heat for dinners sake.

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