Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Got milk baby cow?

Okay, so I've been milk free for 3 months now. Mostly because of all the reading I did which says "milk is bad for you". It's being blamed for all kinds of stuff now. I blame it for me being so gassy. And the baby too. I never want cows milk to be a part of her diet. Yuck, from Mom's milk to milk from a bovine creature sounds nasty. I thought when I stopped drinking it her cradle cap would go away, but it did not. Now that may be because I am not "dairy free". I still eat cheese and butter and ice cream. (ahem, see last post about being from the dairy state).

Milk free is very hard for me. It's hard when Hubby sits down with a bowl of cereal, it's hard when I buy milk for him and I take it home and all I want to do is break that plastic seal and take a swig of that nice cold new milk. It's hard and it sucks but I survive. I do not substitute with soy milk or any other milk like substance with 'milk' in it's title. I torture myself because it's nice to have convictions and self restrain. This is what I tell myself when I will not let myself pick up that jug and gulp.

So........ when I read about raw milk, I got excited. Then when I heard more about it (like how yummy and rich it tastes) I got really excited. I was considering going back to Milk. I went back to reading about raw milk and I even found dairy that sells it in my state. It's about an hour and half away but I had visions of a field trip in my head. And again, I was excited. I found said dairy's web site and began reading. Grass fed cows; wonderful. Fresh milk from the cow; wonder...What? It's starting to sound not so good to me. I envision little baby cows sucking at mommy's teat and then thinking, "how do all the cows keep up their milk supply up if they are being milked and feeding babies". Hm. then myself said to me, "now, you are about to get milk Darcy, put those thought out of your head and focus". It's a $10 membership to the dairy to buy milk there (legal reasons, state law, etc) Oh wait, the dairy has a blog. I love blogs, lets read it.

And this is why I will never go back to Milk again. THIS made me cry at my desk. THIS made me sad, very deeply sad down to the core of mommy me. I don't care that they are just cows. I don't care that hubby will not understand when I tell him why this made me mad, I don't care about anything anymore except those poor, poor baby cows. Sorry, but this is just the way my compassion works. It is so strong and so deep that it consumes me. I hate milk.

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