Friday, June 1, 2007

Shoot me, in the head, TGIF

Ugh, Friday already. That didn't take long enough to get here. For being a short week it sure was a long one. So now I sit at work, at my desk, work completed for the day and I can see out the window and I wanna be there.................outside, where it's NOT work and it's not work; oooops said that already. But on the other hand I don't want to be home either. Where the dishes and a bazillion other chores await me and hubby has planned to have people over and has just told me. "God bless it" (that's how my cusses when she's instantly upset, like a jackass in traffic or hitting your thumb with a hammer or such) and God bless him, he's lucky I have to sit here and fester about it. Or do I mean sit here and cool down. Hmf. So anyway. I get to go pick the kid up, do the dishes, generally tidy up the dump and then meet new people + new people's kids and entertain and act social with only wine to drink. Ick. I'll take a beer please waiter. Oh yeah, and I did I mention we're so broke we can't even afford beer. Beer people! We live in Wisconsin. The shit should flow freely from our tap where I can turn on the tub and bathe in beer if I want to dammit because it's beer and they serve it at church picnics up here and because I said so and because I have beer on the brain. No beer = crabby mommy. Shoot, do I sound alcoholish now. Hey! Speaking of beer...has anyone tried this new one by Lienenkugel yet? Ok, now I'm just 8 shades of pissed off because due to the fact that I am at aforementioned work I cannot link to said beer website. Not like it matters Leinie's is pretty area specific. You probably haven't drank it unless you are in Wisconsin but anyway, it is their new Summer Shanty flavor and it's light and lemoneady and delic! And now I want one even more:(
Well, so the weekend plans are to sit home and watch it rain and whine about it. My plans before that were to go to the Cheese Festival parade. yes, keep laughing. Have I mention yet that I am in Wisconsin and we if there's one thing we have, it's cheese. And so with all that cheese you must have a festival celebrating it and with that a parade. Until the weather man crapped all over that.
Other than that I'm thinking about checking out Unitarian Universalist church in town. Any other UU's out there? I've never been but I checked out their website today and brain dead as I am I didn't get much out it. I really hope they have a 'nursing room' like my regular church does or those UU's are gonna see some hoo-ha's with a baby on them. And hey if they are cool with that then I might just come again!
- d

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