Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hi, my name is...

So this is my first, um, what do you call these thing? Blog, oh yeah. Welcome! So until like literally 3 months ago I had no idea what a blog was. I am that behind the times. Then someone in one of my chat groups (you know the naked kind (j/k)) posted to this one. I was hooked. Then I linked to more and more and now, well, I'm addicted. So, when I'm not blog reading at work, I'm working. Sounds backwards huh? So yeah, I work full time and raise the kid and the hubby all at the same time. Oh, yeah and "hubby" is not my husband, just some guy who wants to be :) No, that's not right either. We've lived together and had a kid together and I finally got a ring for Christmas. So since we're moving in the right direction let's just skip all the pretentious "fiance" shit and call him hubby.
So today at work I finally met my pump buddy. Yeah, I'm like this weird booby greeting committee there. Okay, backup. So where I work they give us moms who pump a special stall in the ladies crapper. It's real fun. I get to listen to other women pissing and dropping the deuce while I'm making milk for my precious child. Can you image the fun? Okay so when I first went back to work I was scared of this stall cause it's weird in there with a little ledge and an outlet and all the other ladies who are in there going "what's that noise?" like 50 times a day. And so I would sit in there and be bored and embarrassed and I could tell there was another person who pumped too because sometimes I would need to get in there and it would be occupied and hear the 'whirrrr, pump, whirrrr, pump' noise and once I ran into her coming out and I was shy and didn't know what say so we had an awkward moment. (blush) Until a week later when I ran into her again and she said "Hi, you should email me". And so I did. And we talked. And to my great surprise she was very AP also. Woooo-hooo! And so we met for coffee. Me with my nursing 4 month old and her with her nursing 1 year old and it was great. Just peachy. And so now we talk at work and it's neat knowing another person who has to pump to shit sounds. And then... last week... I notice another new pumper. I spot her in the hallway, from the back and she has the exact same pump as me. So being the friendly dork that I am I leave her a note in the creepy pump stall. "Dear fellow pumper, hi, I'm Darcy and I just wanted to say hi and welcome. You should email me some time. Bye" (and yes, I did leave my email address also, I'm not that cruel) And she did. So now I'm thinking -wow, this pumping is like networking. And so me and my new pump friend have been emailing all week thru work email and her baby is a little younger than mine and it's been real neat. You know how you have those first encounters sometimes where you're all like 'me too, I know, that is so me'. And it's neat but you fell kinda creepy even though you're not and it's totally not your fault that you have so much in common but still. So that's where we're at now. the awkward meeting went okay and we decided to have coffee sometime and talk about our boobs. Well, hopefully More than that but, you know how it is when you're a new mom.
Well, the kid is up from very short nap now and I have to go make half-thanksgiving for dinner. (yes, you know like your half birthday where you crave cake and presents 6 months after your birthday only with chicken and gravy and stuffing and masher taters and oh, I'm drooling now) Later

- d

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