Friday, August 17, 2007

My favorite part

What an exciting week. Don't ask me why in particular though. Here are some of the highlights:

- Soon-to-be Hubby cleaned the entire house. Did I say house? What I mean is tiny ass shoe box sized apartment. When you are in a space this small cleanliness is required. Clutter in small spaces is some unholy no-no that makes me feel suffocated. He even went so far as to separate the laundry. Why, I didn't even know he knew how. (also, dinner was already on the stove when I came home.) The only thing that could have made this day better was a foot rub. Well, a foot rub and some of you know what. Except that we are refraining from you know what-ing until we are married (two weeks left and counting) (man, will I be virgin again?) Anyway, before I do even more parentheses lets steer away from that subject, eh?

- We met with our Pastor about the details of the wedding ceremony. My actual wedding ceremony. It was so invigorating. That's the only adjective I can articulate right now. I left her house so excited and anxious. I am getting married! And I get to pick out the actual vows and reading for my actual ceremony! STB Hubby did not share my excitement. It's okay, I forgive him and I have enough excitement for both of us.

- I booked the plane tickets for us (now, by "us", I mean my sister, my mom and then myself, hubby and baby) It was tricky lets just say that. You see, my sister originally held this task. She was to find tickets for her and my mom to fly up from Florida and then a flight for all of us to fly back together after the ceremony. I had earlier found these tickets really cheap, so since she was booking it all on my mom's credit card she was going to do it. Was until she went camping for a week and didn't buy them first! And neglected to tell me this AND guess what happened? Um, yeah, the price went up. So we did more searching and I found similar cheap tickets but did not have my mom's credit card number and could not get a hold of either of them and guess what happened then? Um, yeah, again. You see where this is going? "Bride to be gets all stressed the fuck out and kills sister" Tonight at 6:00! So, we are flying out of a different airport that is an hour and a half away versus the airport here in town. And what's my favorite part of all this you ask? Well it's the part where we get to fly the day AFTER the wedding all hungover and not land until midnight while traveling with a small child part.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hi. Can we speak in private?

Um, no you say?
Because we're on the Internet you say?
Well of course we are silly. That's why I don't blab!

When you blog online do you assume you have anonymity? Or do you remember that old adage about assumptions?

Me personally, I have not told a single soul about my blog yet. I just don't know if I want that recognition, those peeping eyes into my life. And yet, I am one of those people who follow -dare I say -live for other people's blogs. But me? I feel like I just come here to ramble when I remember to actually do so. I do plan to give Hubby the web address when he is away at boot camp so he can follow us via blog while he's gone, but will that change the lack of interesting things I say here. Probably not.

I'll explain. A friend of a friend has a blog on that uber popular "dateline to catch a predator" site. You know the one I mean. And guess what? She talked smack about her boyfriend there! Okay, in her defense, she's a youngin' and may not know better (well, as much as you can know that anything you put in print is no longer private. Period) But perhaps she assumed that it was only all of her girlfriends that reads it, and she was just venting so what's the harm. Hmmmm. How about if a friend of her boyfriends read it? There's some harm there. Potentially I mean. What would you do? Do you tell the poor guy his girlfriend typed all this about him and hurt his feelings? Or do you let it slide? Dilemmas. Decisions.

In other news: I love my man, he's the best man ever and I'm gonna marry him!!
September 1st. Yes, 23 days away. I'm excited :)