Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hi. Can we speak in private?

Um, no you say?
Because we're on the Internet you say?
Well of course we are silly. That's why I don't blab!

When you blog online do you assume you have anonymity? Or do you remember that old adage about assumptions?

Me personally, I have not told a single soul about my blog yet. I just don't know if I want that recognition, those peeping eyes into my life. And yet, I am one of those people who follow -dare I say -live for other people's blogs. But me? I feel like I just come here to ramble when I remember to actually do so. I do plan to give Hubby the web address when he is away at boot camp so he can follow us via blog while he's gone, but will that change the lack of interesting things I say here. Probably not.

I'll explain. A friend of a friend has a blog on that uber popular "dateline to catch a predator" site. You know the one I mean. And guess what? She talked smack about her boyfriend there! Okay, in her defense, she's a youngin' and may not know better (well, as much as you can know that anything you put in print is no longer private. Period) But perhaps she assumed that it was only all of her girlfriends that reads it, and she was just venting so what's the harm. Hmmmm. How about if a friend of her boyfriends read it? There's some harm there. Potentially I mean. What would you do? Do you tell the poor guy his girlfriend typed all this about him and hurt his feelings? Or do you let it slide? Dilemmas. Decisions.

In other news: I love my man, he's the best man ever and I'm gonna marry him!!
September 1st. Yes, 23 days away. I'm excited :)

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Chris said...

I honestly don't think you can ever assume complete anonymity. That way, when and if you're cover is blown, you won't be surprised or speeding to erase entries.