Friday, June 22, 2007

Mu is for Mama

Me: Well, it's about time you posted!
Other Me: Yeah, I know. But we both know what a procrastinator, I mean busy person, I am.


Why do babies have to crawl? Honestly, I'm fine with carrying her until she's like 2 and can understand the words that are coming out of my mouth! But for now...she's got the bug...the crawling bug.
It's fun to watch her do new shit every single day. Honestly, like every day she does one new thing and I'm like 'wow, check her out'. But MAN she has got no patience. When she wants it, she goes for it and when something is in her way or I won't let her have it well them damn you all to hell and now look what you've gone and done. You've forced me to scream at you and so there, take that! I think we are in the throes of baby temper tantrums. For instance, last night I was doing laundry and so she had to play on the bedroom floor. She has toys there. I don't just leave her to chew on dog hair on used dryer sheets, but that's what she WANTS to play with. Why? Why baby girl does a piece of lint amaze you yet your toys are invisible? And like every other minute she would be crabby with me [side note: this may be teeth. Then again, I've been the little boy who called "teeth" for a month now and every day I check her top gums for those pearly whites and nothing. I also ran out of teething tablets so that may have something to do with my paranoia also] so anyway, when she got bored or mad or whatever made her whine she would crawl over to my leg and cry "mu. mu" and I would distract with a whatever-I-could find so I could get back to laundry cause who can hold a baby and fold clothes at the time? Yes, I know I could wear her, but people, we don't have air conditioner and that kid is nothing more than a portable heater!
ps - she hasn't officially said any words yet but I take the "mu's" as her version of "hey you! with the booby! pick me up Mom"

So, as we are too poor to officially baby-proof the house I just follow her around pulling her away from dog food and oh yeah, the live walking centipede she tried to grab yesterday morning. Fun. Let my exercise plan begin!

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