Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hellooooo Waa-keen!

Have you seen the commercial for this movie yet? Well........ lets just say I have and goodbye Brad Pritt. Hello Joaquin Phoenix.

Okay, this is the only decent shot I could find of him in that flick
(yeah, I know links sucks but for some reason I can't upload it from here at work. I know. I'm lame. Who blogs at work right? Well sorrrrrrrryyy)

Anyway, I've always thought of him as a cutie. Think Signs with Mel Gibson. Cute, right? But then when I saw that trailer and he was all gansta hott, I dunno, but he looks better now. (And yes I purred in front of the TV with hubby next to me because if he can drool all over the TV when Angelina is on so can I) (and need I even mention her last name? What is it with her and every man alive? I mean she's not that hot) (OK, maybe she is a little hot, but c'mon, she's overrated by now. Has to be.)

Have you ever seen so many parenthesis?

So anyway, I go to IMDB to check him out and omigosh, are they a bunch of stalkers. I mean I read his bio and I feel just dirty and nosey now. Ick. Poor man with no privacy. Who even wants to know so much. (on the other hand if like ever met him in real life I would prolly be forced to stalk him too. Not the point, just saying) Did you know his brother in law is Casey Affleck?

Also, I once met this man, while he was filming this movie. AND, yes, I do have a picture to prove it. My mother had the photo lab enlarge it to poster size and I have to keep it rolled up in a tube. Thought it's in storage since it's 10 years old now and therefore I can't show you.

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