Friday, September 28, 2007

Numero Uno!

My baby is one year old! Wow. I mean, wow! I've said it like 20 times today but I'll say it once more. Where did this last year go? Do they all go this fast?

I wish I had a nice picture of her today on her birthday to post. Unfortunately, I wasn't that 'on the ball' this morning. Heck, I wish I could say I even remembered it was her birthday this morning. Not that I forgot but I was more excited for Sunday when I get to watch her play with her cake. No, it was a good 10 minutes in to her morning breakfast that it dawned on me. My one year old baby. Wow.

I'm speechless. Savor it bitches.

I wish I could post a picture or too, but I'll have to wait. Wish us luck on the whole cake in the face thing!

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