Monday, October 29, 2007

Mmmmmm, Pumpkin!

Yesterday was an awesome day! We went to the pumpkin patch, which um turns out not to be a patch anymore. Guess ya gotta go earlier if you want 'em fresh! But we did still pick one out from a cart. We also walked through the apple orchards and took some really awesome pictures. I wish we had a tripod so we could have got some of the three of us cause instead all we got were these self taken ghetto ones. This one turned out the best.

Then we went home and the cranky one took a nap and the lazy one watched football and the Mommy one baked! I cut and cooked the little pumpkin and then mashed and squeezed it until I had fresh pumpkin puree. Then I made that in to bread and we had yummy fresh as fresh can be pumpkin bread and then I made the seeds. Mmmmmm. After all that though, we had leftovers for dinner cause that was a lot of work and not saying it wasn't worth it but next time I'll probably just buy the stuff in the can and save myself like 3 hours!

Speaking of time savers. Anyone have this new fancy 'high speed' internet thing at home? Cause back in the stone ages where I'm from we still have dial up AKA 'don't waste your time internet'. Sheesh, what a pain. I actually have to take the phone cable from the computer and plug in to the wall in the kitchen and wait to get online and then wait to open the web page. It took 2 hours to upload a set of pictures. That's not included the 16 time AOL kicked me offline and I had to re-sign on and upload again. Then I tried to change my header picture from home and fagetaboutit! It took 30 minutes of "processing" to do what my work computer here did in 2 minutes! Dear Santa, please bring me roadrunner and I promise I will be a good girl all year.

In other news, Hubby is going today to drop off his application to the Army to his recruiter. I am scared. I don't if I'm irrationally scared or if this is normal scared so I put on a brave front and told everyone how exciting it will be to live on base. And inside? I want to grab him by the collar and scream at him "Please don't do it!". I can't though. The alternative here isn't any better. I know he wants this. I know it's a better life for us, but I haven't told him any of my fears because I don't want him a) to know I'm scared for fear of holding him back and b) to use that to back out. Make sense? I'm really trying hard to be this Super Wife who always stands by her man and does what's good for the family but I'll admit, I'm kinda shaking in my shoes here. I told him just Friday that we can't let fear rule our lives. Now, I have to stand by that statement. It sounded so great at the time, lets see if I can put my money where my mouth was.

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