Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Month 13

So, this is where I will recap the prior month in the life of Baby Bug. It's something new I'm going to shoot for each month. Mostly because I want to remember each adorable moment that has so quickly passed us by, and partly because her crap-bag baby book only goes to month 12 and I don't like the alternative which is a trillion little pieces of paper - or better yet Post It's - sticking out every which a way from the damn thing. Just what she needs is one more 'pop up' book to rip all the pop ups out of!

So, in honor of my laziness we will now commence with bullet points:

Dear Baby Bug,

You are a silly little one year old. So far I very much enjoy 1! Keep up the good work.

Love, Mom

PS - Here's what you did last month that was new AND that I remembered to jot down before I forgot it.

  • Standing up in the bath tub. It drives me nuts because more than once you have slipped and not learned your lesson. Remind me to buy some of those adhesive thingys that go on the bottom so I can stop telling you to sit like the dog every 23 seconds.
  • Walking behind your Lion. Grandma got you this silly little toy for your birthday. Yer dumb Ma thought we'd be staring at this thing for awhile before you got the hang of it. Then I actually stood you up behind it just to see what would happen and you took off like a rocket. I love watching this whole new walking thing you've got going on. It's like a little old person behind a walker, except it's YOU!
  • We added breakfast to your daily repertoire of things to put in your hair.
  • You put food in your hair! Why? After you take a few bites you run your fingers through your hair. It's kinda gross.
  • Throwing food. This one drives your Dad nuts. We have to tell the dog to get out of the room 45 times during every meal cause he thinks you are like this cool new food thrower we got for him. The Crumb Dropper 2000. We think you should stop ruining the carpet and try actually putting it in your mouth.
  • Digging in the couch. Yes, you are our little scavenger. You've always loved being on the couch. This is nothing new. From day one we would prop you up in between us and chill as usual. Except now you've gone from crawling between us to digging down behind the cushions. You'll lie on your belly and wedge your arm down in there real good and then come out with your treasure. Usually it is a wad of dog or cat hair which you'll inspect carefully before stuffing in to your mouth. But sometimes it's an old piece of popcorn, etc which you will promptly shove in your pie hole. It is getting hard to keep up with this yanking shit from your mouth bit. When will you start to identify food as food and crap as "icky"?
  • We turned your car seat around to face forward. Oh happy day: traffic. This was pretty much a non-event. Oh sure, everyone says "Just wait till she can see out and watch you". What they did not say was "Then you'll have no where to attach her toys and she will promptly chuck everything to the floor".
  • You had some new foods. Your first: piece of pizza, hotdog, cake!, snickers, yogurt, and chili. (2 out of 6 healthy things. We rock.)

Until next month!

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Sdoyle75 said...

You should print these out and keep them in a file, so you always remember what you said.