Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October the Last

Oh, end of month! Praise be to Halloween for ending up this crappy month at work (and candy), amen.

This year, the first to be celebrated with a costume, Baby Bug is going to be the worlds most adorable pink poodle: Fi-fi. Hey - don't blame me, that's what the name tag says! I first put it on her last Friday and then proceeded to gush with adoration at the cuteness. I even took sneak-preview pictures. Want to see one? Sure you do, I mean it is Halloween. Why wait another day!

Now, go and check out this most awesome post by Dutch. I really love their blog over at Sweet Juniper. I mean really, I look forward to it so much that I usually save it for Friday's when I have time to slowly read and savor each post from the week. Dutch's style, his way of reminiscing especially makes me want to write more. But that story....well it was just icing on the cake.